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Wax Poetics
Issue 42


The rhythm and blues issue: Barry White, Gil Scott-Heron, D'Angelo, Bilal, Kings Go Forth and co.

'78s Labels' Multi-coloured on white
With records from Sprigs Of Time and our London series.

'Call Me Rambo' White on olive
Last few.
XL only, naturally.

'Honest Jons' Badge
2.5 centimetres in diameter.

'Light Of Saba' On beige
Two beautiful tees to celebrate our album becoming available again.

'Reggae Labels' Multi-coloured on white
A spectacular array of forty-eight beauties on this killer shirt, expertly screen-printed.

'Wayne Jarrett' Grey on brown
Generously printed, from the great Showcase LP. Courtesy of Basic Channel.

80 Blocks From Tiffany's A Film By Gary Weiss
This engrossing documentary from 1979 is a raw look at South Bronx gang culture. The material is hard as nails, but for 2010 viewers the lack of mediation and self-consciousness is filled with nostalgia.

Ain't No Grave The Life And Legacy Of Brother Claude Ely
The flaming Appalachian gospel you can hear in Little Richard, James Brown, Elvis, especially Jerry Lee. Songs and sermons, 300-plus pages of riveting oral history, lyrics, 290 photos. Total Dust To Digital class.

Art Ensemble Of Chicago Les Stances A Sophie
Theme De Yoyo, the funk jazz classic. The DVD is Moshe Mizrahi's 1970 swinging, fist-waving New Wave flic; and an hour-long interview with Joseph Jarman. The last thousand records, nicely sleeved.

Arthur Issue 35
With an eight-page special by Byron Coley on Michael Hurley, including rare photos and artwork, and a piece about the sixties trajectory of John Coltrane, amongst other lovely stuff.

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