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Rene Audiard Pechorin
Another portion of killer, stripped, rough techno from the B-Tracks corner: stark dubs, lo-fi house, cantankerous Berlin business... with stretches of bedazzled ambience.

Main Street Round Five: Na Fe Throw
With Tiki again, wrapping things up in 1999.

Main Street Round Two: New Day
Andy 'Caine' Cunningham's favourite singer was Al Green.

Four Tet 128 Harps
More brilliant garage revisionism from Kieran Hebden, passing into the light. With an Anthony Naples, pagan and unwashed.

J.V.C. Force Strong Island
Storming late-eighties hip-hop. Justified By Virtue of Creativity For All Reasons Concerning Entertainment. J.V.C. Farce.

Moritz Von Oswald Trio Fetch
At its darkest and most driving. The group is clear and unanimous this is their best yet.