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Hieroglyphic Being A Synthetic Love Life
Thrilling bundle of JM's more reaching, stimulating stuff, from the mid-90s bang up to date. 'WARNING: Only buy and play as a sound selector if you have no fear and don't give a fuck.' Hand-stamped, limited.

DJ Stingray Assassin
Nasty electro banger b/w hands-in-the-air Vin Sol stomper.

D-Ribeiro Down You Will Get (DJ Sotofett Mix)
With our man tripping out for twelve and a half minutes on the flip.

Dungeon Acid I Don't Need It
A Nordic trio to launch this neu Neukolln label in fine style and boot it right up the fjord.
The Swede DA, Rivet from Skudge, and Fett Burger from Sex Tags, all aboard.

Funkineven Egypt
'A Sakamoto-esque journey over the pyramids.'

Battista Shared Evolutionary Roots
Prodigal mini-LP ranging from slo-mo, hip-hop-inflected, bass forebodings to start, through off-the-wall percussive maelstroms (Yesterday, Titans), to throw-back beat-downs like Ruin. With a John Swing, too.

Gorgon Sound Vs Dubkasm The Versions
Swirling, echoing, tumping Easton elaborations on the Rise EP from earlier this year.

Borai Last Time Out
Dubby, Detroit-flavoured, Bristolian stomper.