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Rob Mullender Human Resources
A fine collection of improvisations for nylon and steel string guitar from sound-artist, guitarist and Eidetic Band member Rob Mullender. Evoking the likes of Davey Graham and Hans Reichel.

Musics In The Margin Musics In The Margin
Outsider artists and musicians, with a fresh European slant the likes of Konstantin Raudive, Andre Robillard and Martha Grunewaldt rubbing shoulders with the more familiar Daniel Johnston and Wesley Willis.

MV And EE Gettin' Gone
Really special. Overloaded psych rock-outs up against wonderfully warped and bluesy acoustic folk wanderings; blissed out but still heartfelt and intimate. J Mascis, Samara Lubelski amongst the helpers.

MV And EE Hick Smoke
Featuring contributions from The Golden Road, Jeremy Earl from Woods, and Asa Irons from Witch. With a screenprinted cover.

Marissa Nadler Little Hells
With its gripping commitment blowing away the hippie miasma of her old records (good as they are), this is terrific, her best yet. Great song-writing, risk-taking arrangements, and that wonderful voice.

Marissa Nadler The Sister
Dominated by her heart-stopping voice, and her own acoustic guitar-playing, this is another great album pared-down and austere but immersive and spell-binding.