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Grouper A I A
Re-presenting her 2011 self-released two-part album, Dream Loss and Alien Observer.

Grouper, Inca Ore Split
You know you're for it, when Grouper's lost her dog, it's pissing down, and Inca's godforsaken in Mexico, just before they hit the Record button...

Nora Guthrie Emily's Illness
Open, crafted pop single from Woody's seventeen-year-old daughter, recorded in 1967.

Hank Williams The Unreleased Recordings
Staggering first portion of stuff for the 1951 WSM radio show sponsored by Mother Bestís Flour. New versions of classics, and unrecorded songs, with intimate asides from the great man, and full of his presence.

Hank Williams Gospel Keepsakes
Old time jubilees, formal hymns, gospel songs and southern quartet music recorded for the Mother's Best Flour radio show in 1951.

Hank Williams Sings
One of a group of five LPs offering a complete chronological retrospective of this twentieth-century genius, from his breakthrough in 1946, till his death five years later, at 29.

Hank Williams Shreveport Sessions
An entertaining haul of recordings from 1948-9, when Hank was working the Louisiana Hayride ó mostly the songs of other artists, and including several KWKH radio specials.

Harry Partch Enclosure 7
Stuffed: a 1971 documentary; a 1969 filmed performance of Delusion Of The Fury; something from Revelation In The Courthouse Park from 1961; various hippies; and Partch himself, at 72, ranting and raving.