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Echoes From The Mountain
Exclusive new folk from the Rif Mountain collective, with Starless And Bible Black, The Owl Service and co.

Elder Utah Smith I Got Two Wings
Lovely, intimate 128-page book and sizzling 18-tracker devoted to the electric guitar preacher and his COGIC buddies. Once again CaseQuarter brings the shit.

English Country Music English Country Music
Featuring Billy Cooper, Walter Bulwer and Daisy Bulwer; dulcimer, melodeon, fiddle, banjo, drums, pipes, concertina and piano.

Entourage Music And Theatre Ensemble
'Experimental-spiritualistic environments' sax, keys, perc, viola, recorder, guitar, mbira, under the influence of out-there multi-media, Noh and Balinese Theatre... and you know what. Glorious 1973 hippie shit.

Espers Espers
Their debut harking back to the classic folk-rock of Pentangle, The Trees, Mellow Candle with nowadays Philadelphia adding a nice edge of modern, dark moodines.

John Fahey Death Chants, Breakdowns and Military Waltzes
Both the 1963 and 1967 recordings of this material.

John Fahey Requia
A fascinating combination of experiment and tradition. Requiem For John Hurt is beautiful; Requiem For Molly daring and disturbing.

John Fahey The Great Santa Barbara Oil Slick
Live at The Matrix, San Francisco.

John Fahey The Legend Of Blind Joe Death
Fahey's first recordings, from 1959, plus re-recordings of the same material from 1964, and 1967.