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Astral Social Club Plug Music Ramoon
Blissful, free drones, with rhythmic sticks and bells, dense guitars, laptops, keyboards, voice and toys, from the Nottingham scene focussed on the A-Band collective and the Vibracathedral Orchestra.

Daniel Bachman Seven Pines
Well worth checking the 'psychedelic appalachia' of this twenty-two-year-old guitarist from Fredericksberg (like the late Jack Rose).

Daniel Bachman Jesus I'm A Sinner
His fourth album, already. Banjo and guitar, including a first full outing on lap guitar. Mostly solo, but fiddler Sally Morgan from the Black Twig Pickers is here, and Charlie Devine pops up on banjo.

Barbara And Ernie Prelude To...
Trippy early-70s folk-jazz-soul from guitarist Ernie Calabria and singer Barbara Massey (back-up for Cat Stevens, amongst others) orchestrated by Deodato, with Keith Jarrett amongst the guests.

Cecil Barfield South Georgia Blues
The king of mush mouth country blues.

Robbie Basho Bashovia
A factory-sealed cut-out, with a notch in the case.

Robbie Basho Venus In Cancer
A 1969 Blue Thumb, post-Takoma. 'Arabic, Himalayan and Indian themes, Japanese and Chinese scales, classical and European folk music... on magnificent display on this sprawling, spiritually-charged album.'

Robbie Basho Seal Of The Blue Lotus
His gone, meditative 1965 debut, already steeped in Eastern modalities and Indian mysticism. The opener is based on a Ravi Shankar raga; Bardo Blues is a musical rendition of the Tibetan Book Of The Dead.

Robbie Basho Visions Of The Country
Tremendous 1978 LP. 6 and 12 string guitars, piano; singing and whistling, to keep it real. ''Better to drink wine from the hands than water from a pretty cup' the ultimate is wine from a pretty cup. Amen.'

Steffen Basho-Junghans Last Days Of The Dragon
'A beautiful gem featuring eight freewheeling unaccompanied six and twelve string guitar pieces.'