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Simone White I Am The Man
Soulful American folk: a gorgeous, heart-stopping mixture of the longing you get in saudade — singers like Cesaria Evora and Joao Gilberto — and political protest. Will Oldham's in there; so is Dionne Warwick.

Tim Buckley My Fleeting House
The live footage is thrilling, charged — especially the Starsailor stuff.

Six Organs Of Admittance School Of The Flower
A masterful, hallucinatory blend of finger-picking, murmured vocals, swathes of smoky fuzz, and skittering percussion.

James Blackshaw O True Believers
Part improvised, part composed — intricate finger-picking across Eastern and Western scales, embellished with tamboura, harmonium and cymbala — a spellbinding, hypnotic bliss-out.

Tim Buckley Lorca
At his furthest out, in 1969.

Coyle And Sharpe These 2 Men Are Impostors
Street pranks and put-ons — 'terrorizations' — from early sixties San Francisco; also a DVD of the pair's The Impostors TV show, too far ahead of its time to get past this '64 pilot.

Desperate Man Blues Discovering The Roots Of American Music
Legendary record collector, Joe Bussard (founder of Fonotone Records) tells the story of 'real US music' — vintage blues, gospel, jazz, hillbilly —with passionate enthusiasm in his own inimitable style.

What The Folk Butterfly Acoustic Recordings Vol.1
Kind of field recordings by Simon Tong and his mate from Killing Joke, searching out new music — their idea of Folk — that's unfancy, basically acoustic, 'English' somehow; and recording it in its own environment.

Lucinda Williams West
Mostly this is slow, stricken Lucinda, as moving and compelling as she gets, grieving for her mum and furious with an ex. Worth putting up with the Patti Smith impressions.

Alasdair Roberts The Amber Gatherers
All new songs by our favourite UK folkster — several of them war-time — full of fresh classicism and poetic brilliance. Great record, warm and gently rocking.

I Belong To This Band Eighty-Five Years Of Sacred Harp Recordings
Mass, full-voice singing from the rural South of the US. A stirring, tearful, ancient, strange, white kind of Gospel (not the same though). Ornette — 'breath music. They're changing the sound with their emotions.'