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Phreek Patrick Adams Presents...
The Leroy Burgess disco classic, with Weekend.

24-Carat Black Gone: The Promises Of Yesterday
Hurt, disillusioned, beautiful, pure, sensuous Windy City soul music from the mid-1970s, never out before jazzy but street (like Donny Hathaway), musically sophisticated but emotionally straight (like Curtis). ...

Slow 'N' Moody, Black And Bluesy, And More
A fabulous, landmark compilation of deep, southern and bluesy ballads originally released in 1983 back again at last, with improved sound and numerous additions.

The Complete Goldwax Singles Volume 2 1966-1967
James Carr and The Ovations to the fore, with some great southern soul from Specer Wiggins, Percy Milem, Eddie Jefferson, George Jackson and Dan Greer, and Barbara Perry, and a splash of country, and garage too.

Funky Frauleins Female Beat, Groove, Disco, Funk In Germany, 1968-78
With Topsy Kuppers, Su Kramer, Marianne Mendt, Heidi Bruhl, Heidelinde Weis, Vicky Leandros, Roberta Kell, Olivia Molina, and ten more saucy temptresses. Wanton depravity.

Little Willie John Heaven All Around Me
Some great sides here, cut for King between 1961 and 1963, on the cusp between rhythm and blues and soul (with country music oiling the wheels).

Goldwax Northern Soul
Stompers, floaters and ballads, with several impossible to get otherwise.

Gloria Scott What Am I Gonna Do
One of the very greatest, most soulful Barry White productions, with fine songs by Tom Brock.

Kool And The Gang Live At PJ's
Even at their funkiest, still jazzing it up, live in a Hollywood nightclub in 1970.

The Metros Sweetest One
The first reissue anywhere of this fine sixties Detroit soul LP, treasured by the Northern Soul scene.