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Betty Davis Is It Love Or Desire?
The fourth album, recorded in Louisiana in 1976, but shelved, never issued in any form till this beautiful LIA presentation. Sundazed vinyl.

Aretha Franklin Sparkle
Curtis steered the Queen back on track in 1976 with this majestic, but pared-down production (not exactly a soundtrack), with plenty of killers, like Something He Can Feel, soul heaven.

Aretha Franklin Just A Matter Of Time: Classic Columbia Recordings 1961-1966
Fab, zinging Aretha, pre-Atlantic, with the dodgy jazz and showtunes sifted out, and two recordings previously unreleased the self-penned I Still Can't Forget, and When They Ask, recorded when she was just 19.

Jimmy Hughes Steal Away: The Early Fame Recordings
Basically covering 1962-65 the Steal Away album, some sevens, and some ace unissued stuff, not least the Dan Penn composition Have You Done Got Over Me.

Super Breaks Return To The Old School
'Classic breaks and beats from the birth of hip-hop.'

Cheyenne's Coming
Satisfying mid-seventies blend of jazz and funk, soul and Latin, by this eight-piece led by singer and composer Cheyenne Fowler, under the supervision of Gene Russell.