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Let's Soul Dance Black Dance Crazes From The Late 50s And 60s
Hey, everybody, all around the world, let's do the Stupidity.
Great soul reissue label... check it out.

Scorpio And His People The Unforgiven
Sensational funky soul from 1972, urgent and surging. Great singing embeds What's Going On in the penitential drama. The original goes for thousands.

Geater Davis Lost Soul
Wonderful, tortured, bluesy soul in the great tradition of Bobby Bland, recorded at the start of the 1970s for Allen Orange's House Of Orange imprint out of Birmingham, Alabama.

Irma Thomas In Between Tears
Heavy early-seventies soul from the fabulous New Orleans singer, produced his own way by Swamp Dogg (and sexually harassed to hell by him, by all accounts), with Duane Allman on a couple of songs.

Swamp Dogg Gag A Maggot
'So funky that itíll gag a maggot and drown a drop. Due to the fact that a maggot is the funkiest thing on earth, if this LP can make him gag which it already has, no telling what itíll do to your funny ass...'

Tommy Stewart
1976, the early days of disco-funk, and already one of its cornerstones: Bump And Hustle Music, just scraping into the tracklisting. That vocal hook is Isaac Hayes' backing singers, Hot Buttered Soul.