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Beguiling, startlingly original music from nineties Poland a compaction of medieval Slavic styles and contemporary vocal experimentalism, amongst other things, guided by minimalism.

Kushal Das Raga Bilaskhani Todi And Raga Sohini
Elegant, serene, new-wave, profoundly tuneful playing, with accompaniment from Abhijit Banerjee's tabla and Sudipta Remy's tampura.

Kushal Das Raga Marwa
On surbahar, a rare kind of bass sitar, playing the serene and sombre Marwa, raga of dusk.

Fela Kuti Expensive Shit / He Miss Road
Two of the best albums ever made. A desert island disc for sure.

Fela Kuti Roforofo Fight / The Fela Singles
From 1972, Roforofo Fight is a classic together with Shakara one of Afrika Bambaataa's favourites from back in the day and appears here with rare singles.