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Ethiopiques 24 Golden Years Of Modern Ethiopian Music, 1969-1975
Like volumes one and three, drawing on the legendary Amha Records catalogue, with several newcomers to this fantastic series, and a couple of very early Mulatus. You know what to do.

Ethiopiques 26 Mahmoud Ahmed And Imperial Bodyguard Band
The great singer in rambunctious, rootsy and jazzy recordings from 1972-4.

Ethiopiques 27 Tessema Eshete
Precious relics from Berlin, 1908. UNESCO has stumped up for a lavish presentation, with fine notes and translations; but surely the fly in the ointment is the difficulty of actually listening through the music.

Ethiopiques 28 Ali Mohammed Birra
The Imperial Bodyguard Band singer, who tuned his guitar like an oud. Oromo reasoning about love, existence and resistance, with a tasty Arab twang. Mississippi presented him on vinyl recently.

Ethiopiques 3 Golden Years Of Modern Ethiopian Music, 1969-1975
Sublimely tilted like Sun Ra, rocking like James Brown at the Apollo, the tracks here by police bands are a reminder that Ethiopia at the time had no independent modern groups.

Ethiopiques 4 Ethio-Jazz And Musique Instrumentale, 1969-1974
Presenting the musical giant, keyboardist Mulatu Astake that's him on the sleeve with Duke Ellington.

Ethiopiques 5 Tigrigna Music, 1970-1975
The music of Tigray and Eritrea where the majorities speak the Tigrigna language is rhythmically and melodically different from Ethiopian music.

Ethiopiques 6 Mahmoud Ahmed
His first LP, Almaz, originally released in 1973.

Ethiopiques 7 Mahmoud Ahmed
Collects Ahmed's 1975 recordings for the Kaifa label, including the LP Ere Mela Mela released in Europe by Crammed Discs, back in 1986.

Ethiopiques 8 Swinging Addis, 1969-1974
Soul, rhythm and blues, even the Twist re-articulated in Addis Ababa.

Ethiopiques 9 Alemayehu Eshete, 1969-1974
Frantic rock and heartrending ballads from this showman with the Little Richard pompadour.

Ethnic Minority Music of Northwest Xinjiang
Traditional Islamic folk music from China, with Arabic, Persian, and Turkish influences: Kazakh, Uyghur, Kirgiz and Mongol Erut musicians on stringed instruments like topchar, komuz, rushtar, rawab, tchang.

Ethnic Minority Music of Southern China
Infectious songs and rootical instrumentals the fifth SF album presenting Laurent 'Kink Gong' Jeanneau's amazing documentation of the vanishing indigenous music of the rural Asian frontiers.

Etoile De Dakar The Birth Of Mbalax, 1979-1981
The explosive, smash compound of Latin, African and psychedelia, spearheaded by Youssou N'Dour. With a dollop of rarities, never sounding better, and a good booklet. Great stuff.