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The Divine River Ceremonial Pageantry In The Sahel
Shot between 2007 and 2012, Hisham Mayet's film is an exhilarating, hallucinatory, harrowing record of music, ritual, life, and landscape along the Niger River, as it winds through Mali and the Republic of Niger.

DJ Nu-Mark Take Me With You
Mix-tape business from the Jurassic 5: samba, cumbia, rumba, afro-beat and Balkan beats.

DJ Sardena Studio Sardena
An invigorating sampling of the prodigious output of this joint in Matariya, Cairo. Mahragan, or electro-shaabi, stripped down Sardena-style: auto-tuned, maxed-out vocals, thumping beats, synths, wild effects.

Joao Donato Sambou Sambou
Two beautiful 1962 albums: Muito A Vontado, JD on piano, with the likes of Sebastian Netto and Milton Banana, authentic Brazilian jazz; Bossa Nova Carnival, devoted to his music, with Dave Pike, Kenny Burrell...

Drinking Horns And Gramophones The First Recordings in the Georgian Republic, 1902-1914
Folk music of searing lyricism and breathtaking complexity a work-song in four parts, rare early liturgical chant, and numerous toasting songs, with masterfully handled dissonance and improvisation.

Dub Colossus A Town Called Addis
A collaboration between Ethiopian musical legends and brilliant newcomers, and the legacy of Trans Global Underground in this blend of ethiojazz and seventies roots reggae.

Dur-Dur Band Dur-Dur
Precious, late-eighties dance music from Mogadishu. Big group three horns, four singers plus three backing, two guitars, keys, drummer, two percussionists, bassist choca with funk swagger and highlife shimmy.

Edzayawa Projection One
Moody, experimental, Ghanaian Afro-Rock recorded by these teenagers in 1973 for EMI Nigeria, after a run at Fela's Shrine.