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Moondog More Moondog
Startlingly restored at Abbey Road two key albums summing up the 1950s, when Moondog was homeless and busking in NYC. 'His later records may be better known, but this is the real shit' (Byron Coley, The Wire).

Buck Clarke Cool Hands
1960 jazz jam session led by the guy playing congas and percussion on a bunch of your favourite records, like Nina Simone, the Isley Brothers, Jimmy Smith.

Monica Zetterlund Swedish Sensation
Her first album, from 1958, a year before her collaboration with Bill Evans startling for its fragile melancholy, but still swinging combined with both sides of all her early EPs, now highly sought after.

The Mike Sammes Singers Hymns A'Swinging
Fully entertaining, radical rearrangements of hymns so familiar they're part of the collective unconscious on this celebrated (and pirated), carboot, funky, easy, British jazz ringer, featuring Tubby Hayes.

School Me! Volume One 1968-1975
Wonderful selection of funk, jazz and psych by US high school stage bands and university lab and jazz ensembles, tirelessly extracted from a zillion micro-pressed, locally-sold LPs.

Jackie McLean Bluesnik
Scorching Jackie Mac, one of his very best, with Pete La Roca on top form too.

Gilad Atzmon In Loving Memory Of America
Dazzling sax-based settings for strings, edgy and lyrical both. The Turkish PM told Shimon Peres recently: 'Atmon, a Jew himself, says that Israeli barbarity is far beyond ordinary cruelty.' Bird Lives!

Patty Waters Sings
The 1965 recording debut of her amazing jazz vocals, kicking off a tradition also starred by Yoko, Galas and Sidsel Endresen. Her fourteen minutes of Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair, good grief.

Don Cherry Live At Cafe Montmartre 1966 Volume Three
With Gato Barbieri, Karl Berger, Bo Stief and Aldo Romano, showcasing his new Blue Note album still powerful, joyous, inspired.

Baby Face Willette Stop And Listen
With Grant Green and Ben Dixon.

Teenage The Creation Of Youth
Compiled to accompany Jon Savage's book, tracing the notion of the teenager from the late 19th century to the Second World War, and a fine anthology of vintage swing and jazz.

Roland Young Isophonic Boogie Woogie
An Afro-Steve Reich-style kalimba. Then come electric bass clarinet, soprano sax, bells, chimes and electronics. Sparse, spaced and meditative this is highly recommended. And on vinyl now. Another EM detonation.