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Pinch And Shackleton

Pinch And Shackleton


The two dubstep pioneers at the top of their game. The deadly concision, the rhythmic punch and dramatic timing, the spry, side-to-side detailing of a cavernous stage, the crisp-biscuit vocal sampling and Middle Eastern percussion together, their sound signatures are not so much totalled as squared.
Truly an album, the music is multi-levelled dark as anything at times, but engrossingly varied and emotionally shaded, always on the move.
For The Wire this month, in a full-page review 'a labyrinthine collaboration that rebuilds the dialectics of dubstep... a beguilingly well-delivered statement in a dialect that was sidelined in favour of the cult of bass or the fluorescent synths. A powerful retort to the comparatively crude hyperactivity of the post-dubstep landscape and a well-timed lesson in sophistication.'

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