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Simone White Yakiimo

Simone White


Back with a pared-down, western sound. Bitter-sweet and nostalgic, but cut with longing, fantasy and hopefulness, in a daze (sometimes child-like) over lost love, lost innocence, lost years. '****' (Mojo).

Simone on the songs:

The Frank and Richy songs on this album all seem to have the same things in common, they're also part of this theme of longing. Especially Olivia 101 (about a school crush) and Your Stop (missing your ex, haunting their subway stop). Candy Bar Killer is about sordid goings-on at a teen party. Bunny In A Bunny Suit is also childlike but the lyrics seem to be about the awkwardness of self in adolescence (and adulthood).
Victoria Anne written for my friend Victoria Williams after hanging out on tour hearing tales of her childhood, specifically how she and her friends used to ride their bikes in the big fluffy cloud behind 'the fog man', a truck that drove through town spraying Malathion to kill the mosquitoes.
Baby Lie Down WIth Me this went through many changes but the seed came while I was reading Carson McCullers, The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter. Something about the aching feeling of adolescence was the start, but at first it was a sad song. Then one day I was reading another Carson McCullers book, one where she talked about writing, and she was saying something about being like God when you write about characters and choosing the lives that they will lead. Suddenly I thought, 'I want them to be happy', so it became more jaunty and fun, and the people in it are together instead of apart.
Yakiimo in Japanese means stone roasted mountain sweet potato. I went to Japan a year ago with my man. In the little seaside town of Shimoda one night we heard an eerie sound, a strange song, like a call to prayer. It was a mystery. Later, in Kamakura after a show we were walking along with our Japanese hosts when we heard it again. I became very excited and insisted on finding it. Our hosts were amused as it was just the Yakiimo man, a common little truck that sells hot sweet potatoes in the winter. They're everywhere and they all sing the same haunting song, though with subtle variations, some are recorded, some sing it live. I sang it all the way to the train station making everyone laugh. I said I was going to write a song about it. A year later I finally I did. I think it encapsulates the theme of the album in its simplicity and emotion.
A Girl You Never Met written about an elderly friend of mine who is tired of life and would like to die.
Without A Sound this is about a breakup. Sort of a literal blow by blow of the final moments.
Train Song was inspired by a children's counting book.
Let The Cold Wind Blow this is my country song.
St. Louis Blues my grandma used to sing this on stage. She sang it to me when I was little, in a deep throaty voice. (I don't know if that's also how she sang it on stage or if she was just having fun with me.)

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